DJ Amir
disco jazz house / USA

Tour dates:
January, February, March, April, May, June, July 2019

UK/Europe Booking

Amir Abdullah is part of Hip Hop history as a sample excavator, music historian, compilation curator and DJ who’s already acknowledged alongside some of his childhood heroes. 2018 sees a new era of Amir Abdullah who reconnects with his Disco, House, Funk and Boogie. Amir, an educated, rare breed of DJ whose passion for music and understanding of the cultural and sociological context complements his deep crates classic records. Amir, thrives upon sharing his passion and knowledge about obscure and under-appreciated music whether it’s from the behind the turntables or a lectern Using his deep knowledge and experience, Amir is championing the future sounds of Deep Disco, House, Funk and Boogie.